I am writing from the airport in barcelona to say that unfortunately my spring break is over =[ I had an amazing 10 days in 3 countries and 5 cities! It was such an unreal experience and I can't wait to be back in Florence to write and post pictures of everything I did ! I will post as soon as I get back! But adios for now ! <3
So I rarely have Internet so I wanted to take these few minutes to update what I am doing ! I truly apologize for the lack of posts but as soon as I get back to Europe I will do so much better I promise !!

So just a quick update ... We did our first few days in milan which was really fun! Very not "touristy" and very different from everything I have seen from Italy thus far. Basically the whole city revolves around fashion but that is right up my alley so I loved it!

Next, me and Gavi met back up with Gabi on Lisbon! Lisbon looked like when you leave a Caribbean resort and explore the town. It was very cute and looked like a port. Unfortunately it was raining most of the time we were there so there was not much we could do. We did manage to go to the castle, walk around the water and see the city from the San justa elevator. But the rest of the activities were done inside. I wish it was nice out but we still had fun!

Then we had a very early flight to Madrid. We only had about 6 hours in Madrid, so luckily one of my friends who was studying there let us drop our bags in his apartment! We then walked around and got a feel for the city but the stand out attraction was the market! Everything we ate was amazing! From payeya to yogurt it was delicious!

That night we took a train to Seville. Our friend Jenna from school is studying abroad here so we are staying with her and she showed us around today! I am having the best time and loving everywhere ! (And I get to eat fish which I miss so much!)

We are leaving for Barcelona tomorrow morning and will be there until the 10th! Tomorrow night there is a concert called "abroadfest" and just about everyone I have ever met in my life will be in the same city. I am very excited !! I will try to update more and I promise to write more in detail when I get back to Florence on the 10th but adios for now !!! (And I get to speak Spanish here !!!!!! ) <3 muchos besos !
Hi all! I am so sorry for the lack of posting recently! I have had such a crazy few weeks with my family coming to visit, then midterms and now on spring break! There WILL be an extensive post with pictures when I return ... I promise !! But for now I just wanted to post and let everyone know that I am having the best time! I survived midterms, was in milan for the weekend (which was awesome) and now on my way to Lisbon! Ill keep posting little check ins for now! <3
So this blog page is where I can post from my phone! I am currently writing from the car on the way to the airport ! I am so excited and nervous but mostly excited ! I can't believe i have this amazing experience! I can't wait to write and put up pictures from Italy!!!!!! Last post from America!! Ciao !!!!!! <3
Bye America hello italyyyyy!!!!!